Both in theory and in practice, Physics explores the scientific world around us through areas of forces and motion, electrons and waves, medical and astrophysics.

Studying in the Science and Maths department will give you access to state of the art scientific laboratories, specialist equipment and an experienced technical team, to help you to achieve and explore the scientific world.

As a physics student, you will develop skills in numeracy, analysis and problem solving - all highly sought after by employers and universities.  As one of the most respected A-Levels, physics students are found working in an unparalleled variety of careers and can command salaries far higher than the national average.  During the course, you will study how physics plays a role in areas as diverse as diagnostic techniques in hospitals, electrical and sound engineering, metrology and architecture to name a few.


Developing Practical Skills in Physics

You will increase your proficiency in designing and carrying out experiments.  This module helps develop the techniques required by any professional research scientist as well as develop problem-solving skills highly valued by business and law employers.

Foundations of Physics

You will study how to use vectors to represent forces and motion, derive experimental units from base units and manipulate experimental uncertainties.  Students develop advanced numeracy skills, which are highly prized by the financial industries.

Forces and Motion

You will study calculations and graphical analysis based on motion, derive and use work, energy and power equations and investigate material properties. These skills are the foundations for engineers and architects.                                                    

Electrons, Waves and Photons

You will study electrical physics both practically and theoretically using a wide variety of circuits and real-world applications. You will investigate wave-behaviour for a series of physical phenomena such as diffraction and interference.  Finally, you will investigate quantum behaviour through studying wave-particle duality, the photoelectric effect and the physics of photons.   This module provides an excellent introduction for the skills needed for electronics, sound engineering and meteorology.

Newtonian World and Astrophysics

You will study collisions and orbits whilst investigating the birth of the universe.  This module builds on the foundations of the skills for needed by all engineers.

Particles and Medical Physics

You will study the very foundations of the world around you, building up a complex model of the universe.  Students then study the increasing importance of physics in the medical profession.  This module is highly useful for a whole host of careers ranging from dentistry, optometry, medicine and veterinary sciences.  

Entry requirements

  • 1640 individual applications received for our Science and Maths courses
  • Specialist science laboratories with cutting edge equipment
  • Dedicated, well-resourced classrooms
  • Science support sessions
  • Scholarship opportunities including the Ogden Trust for Physics students progressing to university
  • Medicine Taster Days
  • University visits
  • Industry trips
  • Visiting speakers from well-established Alumni

This course provides you with the opportunity to progress on to Higher Education, employment or further training. Our students have progressed to:

Physics at the University of Nottingham

Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Manchester

Physics at Lancaster University

Medicine at the University of Oxford

Theoretical Physics at the University of Birmingham

Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield

Mechatronics and Robotics at the University of Leeds

Computer Science at the Manchester Metropolitan University

Mathematics at Durham University

Architecture at the University of Manchester

Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol

Chemical Engineering at the University of Huddersfield

Course Key Details

Course Type : A-Level
Exam Board : OCR
Pass Rate : 99%
Assessment : 100% exam

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