Chemistry is an intricate, fascinating and broad A-Level which links well to any other science subject. You will be trained in detailed practical procedures, to develop your problem solving skills and to enhance your mathematical abilities.

By exploring the study of matter from organic and physical chemistry to the periodic table and energy, you will understand how science works developing both practical and theoretical skills.

Studying in the Science and Maths department will give you access to state of the art scientific laboratories, specialist equipment and an experienced technical team, to help you to achieve and explore the scientific world.

At the end of the two years you will sit three external examinations as well as the Practical Endorsement:

Periodic Table, Elements and Physical Chemistry (37%): Modules investigate practical procedures and concepts focussing on mathematical skills in chemistry. You’ll explore rates of reaction,  balance of equilibrium, qualitative tests for ions, the pH scale and thermodynamics, linking with Maths and Physics.

Synthesis and Analytical Techniques (37%): Also known as the ‘organic chemistry’ exam and links very closely to biology. You’ll look at organic structures, curly arrow mechanisms, multi step synthesis procedures, learn analysis using IR and how to spot stereoisomerism.

Unified Chemistry (26%): This examination tests knowledge from all areas of the A-level from both years.

Entry requirements

  • 1640 individual applications received for our Science and Maths courses
  • Specialist science laboratories with cutting edge equipment
  • Science support sessions
  • Scholarship opportunities including the Ogden Trust for Physics students progressing to university
  • Medicine Taster Days
  • University visits
  • Industry trips
  • Visiting speakers from well-established Alumni

Our past students studying this course have gone on to:

Cambridge University – Natural Sciences

University of Liverpool - Medicine

The University of Manchester - Chemistry with Industrial Experience

The University of Manchester - Mathematics and Physics

University of Leeds - Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

University of Liverpool - Zoology

The University of Manchester - Pharmacy

The University of Sheffield - Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Nottingham Trent University - Biochemistry

University of St Andrews - Mathematics

The University of Salford - Sports Science

The University of Manchester - Biology with a Modern Language

The University of Manchester - Dentistry

Lancaster University - Biological Sciences

Durham University - Psychology (Applied)

University of Central Lancashire - Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation

The University of Sheffield - Mechanical Engineering (4 years)

University of Leeds - Pharmacology

University of Leicester - Computer Science

Manchester Metropolitan University - Mathematics

The University of York - Genetics

The University of Nottingham - Pharmacy

The University of Manchester - Mathematics

Edge Hill University - Computing

York St John University Degree - International Business Management

The University of Manchester - Biomedical Sciences

University of Wales, Cardiff - Biomedical Sciences

Manchester Metropolitan University - Psychology

University College London (University of London) - Natural Sciences

University of Bradford Degree - Pharmacy

Manchester Metropolitan University Degree - Chemistry

Manchester Metropolitan University - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Course Key Details

Course Type : A-Level
Exam Board : OCR
Pass Rate : 95%
Assessment : 100% exam

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A*/A grades achieved by Science & Maths students (or equiv.)


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