This course will push your Mathematical ability and give you the confidence to work in areas of Core, Mechanics and Statistics.

If you enjoy Maths and feel confident with the work you have met so far at GCSE, then you should consider A-level Mathematics. It is a demanding and challenging subject but it can be an extremely rewarding one if you are prepared to put in time and effort.



Builds upon the techniques in Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry developed at GCSE as well as introducing new topics such as calculus, sequences and series, discriminants and logarithms.


Includes topics such as vectors, kinematics, forces, newton laws and moments.


Includes topics such as sampling, data presentation and interpretation, probability, statistical distributions and hypothesis testing.

Entry requirements

  • 1640 individual applications received for our Science and Maths courses
  • Dedicated, well-resourced Maths classrooms
  • Mentor me Maths support sessions
  • Senior Maths and UK Maths challenges
  • University visits
  • Industry trips
  • Visiting speakers from well-established Alumni

This course provides you with the opportunity to progress on to Higher Education, employment or further training. Our students have progressed to:

Medicine at the University of Oxford

Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular) at the University of Oxford

Optometry at Manchester Metropolitan University

Astrophysics at Queen Mary, University of London

Accounting and Finance at Manchester Metropolitan University

Architecture at the University of Manchester

Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield

Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol

Actuarial Science and Mathematics at the University of Manchester

Maths and Computer Science at the Aix-Marseille University

Physics at Lancaster University

Business and Financial Management Experience at the University of Salford

Accountancy Apprenticeship at Interpreting Solutions

Civil Engineering Apprenticeship at WYG

Accountancy Apprenticeship at Clarke Bell

Course Key Details

Course Type : A-Level
Exam Board : Pearson
Pass Rate : 95%
Assessment : 100% exam

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A*/A grades achieved by Science & Maths students (or equiv.)


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