Computer Science recognises competition winners

9 December 2021

Computer Science students were recognised for their achievements recently. 

Students took part in a competition, hosted by the Physics and Computer Science department to create either: 

  • a revision poster (for their chosen topic);
  • a program (that shows a clear application of the skills learned so far and their commitment to developing their programming skills); a video game (with the same aim as the previous category);
  • or a programming portfolio that shows the development of their programming skills through smaller tasks that become increasingly more complex (here development of skills was the key, and not the finished product as in the other two categories).

The students who took part showed incredible work ethic, knowledge and creativity.

The different categories ensured that everyone on the course could participate and as a result, the department found it difficult to judge because the entries were so varied and the quality was high.

The awards were as follows:

  • Best Poster: Lucy Wilde
  • Runner-up Poster: Kairon Cabaylo
  • Best Program: Ben Williamson
  • Runner-up Program: Thomas Whettam
  • Best Game: Ben Williamson
  • Runner-up Game: Krishan Lad
  • Best Portfolio: Ben Williamson
  • Runner-up Portfolio: Max Yan

Participation certificates were also awarded to:

  • Winston Ado-Kofie
  • Hannah Collier
  • Zoe Cuthill
  • I'sa' Irshad
  • Maria Panagiotopoulou
  • Tiago Santos
  • Ben Walker

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