First tutor rep meeting of the year begins

9 November 2021

Ashton Sixth Form College's Tutor Representative programme has officially begun for 2021-22. 

Tutor Reps at Ashton form an integral part of the college community. When students start at the college they are assigned a tutor group which creates a regular support network for students throughout their studies. Whilst also ensuring students are able to meet with their Senior Tutor weekly who share important information and guidance, tutor groups also provide a safe space for students to share their opinions. 

Each tutor group nominates a Tutor Rep who acts as the voice of the students. They will share the thoughts and concerns raised by their fellow students and report them back to the cross-college Tutor Rep meetings. 

This creates a discussion and allows the Student Council to bring important issues to Senior Leadership meetings, allowing them to make real change for the benefit of their fellow classmates.

The first Tutor Rep meeting allowed all Tutor Reps to meet and also shared their first project of the student survey which will direct the Student Council's activities for the next academic year.

Find out more about support at Ashton here.

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