Alumni Physiotherapist offers placements to students

31 January 2019

Emma Lewis studied at Ashton Sixth Form College from 2011 to 2013. She is now a qualified Physiotherapist working in the NHS, as well as working part-time at Rugby League clubs.

While at Ashton Emma studied Biology, PE and Psychology. She had her sights set on working in Physiotherapy from the very beginning. During her studies however, Emma found it difficult to gain work experience in her chosen field. When asked in school at St. Damian's RC Science College where she would like to complete her week of work experience, she always knew it was going to be in Physiotherapy. She managed to secure a sought after placement at Tameside Hospital alongside a Physiotherapist.

For students today, the demand is growing for young people to have a wealth of experience. The struggle for placements within specific sectors such as health is also becoming more and more competitive. Emma explained,

"I know that it's a struggle to find work experience. I found it hard while I was at college and so I wanted to help students."

Emma spoke about her issues finding placements during college due to the fact that most hospitals and clinics provide placements for undergraduate-level students only.

After completing her A-Levels, Emma went on to study Physiotherapy at Man Met University. Now that she is a qualified Physiotherapist she is offering placements to current students who also want to join the profession. She personally contacted the college and reached out to her former teacher, Vicky Clough, Head of Sport, in order to provide placements for students who also share the same passion she had during college. 

"Vicky was always really good to me when I was here. It's nice to come back to college and see her."

Currently, Emma works at an MSK Clinic (Muscoskeletal) as well as a sports therapist at a local Rugby Club. It is at the Rugby Club where she will be hosting Ashton Sixth Form College students on placement. This experience will be invaluable for the students, providing them with a firsthand understanding of work as a physiotherapist.

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