Public Services visited the Police Museum

10 December 2018

Public Services students visited the Greater Manchester Police Museum and Archives. 

The Museum is located on Newton Street in the Norther Quarter and is a former working police station. As a police station it functioned from 1879 to 1979 before being converted to a museum in 1981. 

For the Manchester community, it is an extremely important resource for documenting the role the police service has had throughout the city for a number of years. Currently the museum archives both office and personal records including:

  • Personnel service records for police officers, including personal memorabilia
  • Manuals and handbooks relating to police work and administrative records
  • Records relating to the governing bodies of police forces prior to 1974
  • Registers of Aliens residing in Salford from 1914 to 1969 (


The Police Museum is currently home to the original charge office, cells and an 1895 Magistrates Courtroom from Denton, all of which the students were able to explore. They also had the chance to speak to the volunteers who work in the museum about the police service and possibly their own experience in the service if they were former members. 

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