Oxnet Philosophy and World Religion Day

7 December 2018

The Oxnet Philosophy and World Religion Day took place at Ashton Sixth Form College. 

In partnership with Pembroke College of the University of Oxford, the Oxnet programme works to promote the study of Theology, Religion, Philosophy and related subjects at university. It also aims to introduce students to the rigour of academic study in a university context, and to broaden students’ knowledge beyond school and college curriculum. 

College students from Ashton and across the borough were introduced to study skills such as note-taking, analytical reading, group study, and presentation skills which are essential to undergraduate learning. The conference underpinned the ethics topics covered in first-year A Level Religious Studies and Philosophy such as natural law, free will/determinism, utilitarianism and situation ethics.

The morning opened with Dr Scott Midson from the University of Manchester and his lecture "Are Robots Evil?".

The College Chaplain, The Reverend Canon Jean Hurlston, invited members of Tameside Faiths United to take part in a panel discussion. Representatives from a range of faiths, including Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism, explored a number of important topics. Students were able to see how their particular faiths have both different and similar views.

Students had the chance to take part in group work and discuss the topics and ideas they had been presented with. Undergraduates from universities also took part in a panel and joined the group work sessions. The undergraduate students provided an alternative outlook on the topics, using their current research and findings at university-level. Students from Ashton were able to further their skills in discussion, communication and constructing an argument. 

The day closed with the final lecture, "Ethics, God and Happiness", delivered by Professor Chris Insole of the University of Durham.

Ashton Sixth Form College is proud to be the North West Theology and Religious Studies Centre in partnership with Pembroke College, Oxford. This particular partnership began in 2013. 

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