Lest We Forget - Commemorating 100 years

6 November 2018

Performing Arts presented 'Lest We Forget', an annual production that brought the community together to remember those who have given their lives serving our country. 

All of the proceeds made at the event were donated to Tameside Armed Services Community (TASC) and the event spectacularly managed to raise over £1000. 

TASC exists to support the ex-service Community of Tameside. Currently the borough is home to over 7500 ex-service personnel and their dependents. The organisation provides a wide spectrum of support from low level social engagement supporting organisations like the breakfast club and a veterans football team. To supporting veterans with complex needs which can include, alcohol dependency, homelessness, mental health issues and unemployment.

Throughout the evening, performers from different dance, theatre and stage schools from across Tameside took the stage.The production welcomed over 180 performers in the show, ranging from age 5 to 30 - a staggering display of community spirit.  

Tamzin Sinclair-Sivins, Head of Performing Arts, said,

Last night was a huge success running smoothly from start to finish. It was an honour for Ashton to be able host. It took hours of planning and organising, but it is a very worth while cause - and very rewarding to see a range of groups coming together to commemorate.

A number of outstanding performances took place throughout the evening as families, friends, veterans and Counsellor Leanne Feeley watched on in the audience.

Vanessa Rothwell, Partnerships Manager, Armed Forces Covenant Officer and TASC Trustee, said,

Many of our ex-service personnel transition from Military Service to civilian life with no difficulties at all, but around 3-7% need support from TASC. The amount raised from your event was amazing and we are hoping at TASC to use at least some of this money to furnish a new facility for PTSD counselling based in greenspace. It is envisaged that having such a facility (which has been funded apart from the furnishings) will allow our veterans to relax as they share their experiences and get well faster.

Vanessa continued to explain how the money raised would help,

TASC also works with the full range of veterans and in Tameside we have veterans as young as 21 and currently two veterans aged 101, male and female, your support allows us to provide welfare support in a timely and 360 degree way to each individual.

Your input and fundraising is a really important part of the TASC journey and we look forward to working with you all next year when hopefully we will have taken our offer to the next level.

This years performers included:

Ashton Sixth Form College Dancers: Lauren Phelan, Halle Swan, Megan Horrocks, Emily Schofield, Sophie Atkinson, Katie Brimlow, Katie Hopkinson

Torque Senior Youth Dance Company: Lauren Shuttleworth, Beu Newton, Hannah Beech, Jess Leah, Sophie Turner, Aimee Midgley, Megan Horrocks, Lillie Hawes, Connie Benett, Erin Marshall, Lily Thompson, Eloise Jones, Ellie Wild, Amy Mayall, Alyssa Coyle, Niamh Simpson, Penny Beardmore

Torque Junior Dance Company: Lucy Williams, Lois Broadbent, Leah O’Mally, Freya Parsons, Brianna Liddle, Grace Stocks, Libby Hardman, Krista Wolstencroft, Kate Sloan, Brodie Smith, Alice Lythe, Sylvie Smith, Libby Taylor

KDA: Maeve Mcerlean, Lilliana Egerton, Keira Platt, Hattie Jones, Sophie Green, Freya Kerns, Pixie Swift, Beatrice Wood, Zuzanna Wadowsk,I Jessica Stock,S Dylan Beharall, Lexi Rae-Park, Amelia Haynes, Shauna Cullen, Isla Jewitt, Katya Dean, Ella Rawson, Gabriella Leadbeater, Tehya Boyce, Holly Dewsnap, Krista Wolstencroft, Livia Ramos Ruby Shepherd, Kate Sloan, Amber Williams, Madison Coburn Evie Driffield Grace Stocks, Isabelle Dorobat, Brodie Smith, Talia Clays-Jones, Maddie Leadbeater, Libby Hardman, Charlotte Pash, Antalia Canaves-Hodkinson, Emelia Walker, Lois Broadbent, Eloise Jones, Amy Mayall, Lillie Hawes, Ellie Wild, Faith Gisburn, Penny Beardmore, Niamh Simpson, Hannah Brierley, Rebecca Gregory, Erin Wolfenden, Lily Thompson, Olivia Rutter, Cara Dawson, Natasha Clays-Jones, Aimee Midgley, Lucy Duncan Lauren Shuttleworth, Emma Gregory, Jessica Leah

Boundary Dance: Rihanna White, Caoimhe Gallery, Caoimhe Duffy- Rush, Sophie Whisker, Isabella Worsley, Ruby Broadhurst, Lotty Cull, Abbie-Jo Connolly, Sadie Samways, Annessy Spencer-Smith, Harry Pearce, Keira Hill

Next Generation Youth Theatre: Abey Bardsley, Connie Bennett, Elena Burrows, India Crompton, Phoebe Hewitt, Bethany Jackson, Kieran Lever, Isobel Parkin, Elizabeth Parkin, Manisha Parmar, Nikhita Parmar, Ryan Lever, Maisie Knott, Amelia Stamper, Ben Hadfield, George Devlin, Jack Morris, Aimee Chapman, Rachel Bishop, Amy Nolan, Megan Cooper, Molly Renkin-Holloway, Macy Counsell, Jessica Morris, Alex Storey- Griffiths, Grace Rider-Marland, Jenelle Kenworthy, Lauren Harrison, Jessica O’Neill

Danielle Pitchford Dance Academy: Laura Sewell, Sophie Moorhouse, Amy Moran, Amy Walmsley, Jayna Mistry, Katie Day, Kiera Openshaw, Lauren Flynn, Leah Limb, Lois Woodward, Madison Bell, Molly O’Neill, Vicky Ashton

Tycoons: Millie Skinner, Daisy Skinner, Ruby Cornwell, Emily Nelson, Lily Atkins, Kate Santos, Freya Bolton, Lacy Mae.

Bring It On Cast: Macy Councell, Ellie Birtles, Katherine Farrow, Kira Richardson, Helen Claire-Rose, Liam Bunka, George Devlin, Declan Bills, Jack Morris, Kieran Lever, Erin Wolfenden, Amy Mayall, Aimee Midgeley, Niamh Simpson, Jenelle Kenworthy, Lily Thompson, Erin Marshall, Abby Bardsley Lauren Shuttleworth, Grace Rider-Marland, Connie Bennett, Natasha Clays-Jones, Elizabeth Parkin, Emily Clarkson, Halyey Miles, Violet Winterbottom.


Photography: Michael Anderson

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