Tameside HACK 2018: Best Hacker, Best Teamwork and Best Team

31 October 2018

Tameside HACK returned this year, hosting the spectacular event at Brother UK in Greater Manchester. 

The event works with young people from across the borough encouraging them to explore the possibilities of a career within the digital industries. 

Students were set a series of tasks to solve a range of problems that are affecting the world right now. The issues they were looking to solve included 'creating a virtual reality contact lens', 'developing software to help with Dementia' or even 'creating reusable paper to stop deforestation'.

Teamwork was a vital component to working throughout the two days and students displayed great initiative and innovative thinking. Ashton Sixth Form College students combined to form the team 'El Quacko Mafia' who were working to 'create a Bike Safety System'. Another student from Ashton also joined forces with Audenshaw School and West Hill School to create another outstanding team. 

As the event came to a close, students presented their ideas and findings back to the group and a panel of judges who then announced a series of prizes. 

The individual who shone throughout the two days was awarded 'Best Hacker'. This prize was presented to Josh Challenger of Ashton Sixth Form College, who is currently studying Computer Science, Maths and Physics. He previously attended Mossley Hollins High School. The judges said,

"This award is given to the individual that has just wowed everybody with what they have done, what they have worked on and how they have done it. As well as their technical skills and resilence as an individual."

'Best Teamwork' was awarded to a combined group of Ashton Sixth Form College, Audenshaw School and West Hill School. The judges explained,

"We were really impressed with how you have come together because I believe you didn't know each other before you started. This was a unanimous nomination!"

'El Quacko Mafia' from Ashton Sixth Form College

The award for 'Best Team' highlighted the group who stood out overall across the two days. This prize was awarded to Ashton Sixth Form College's team 'El Quacko Mafia'. The judges said, 

"What you have produced... we have been really blown by it. We think you are straights ahead and you are going to go really far in the future."

Ashton Sixth Form College's incredible performance and achievements at the Tameside HACK 2018, follows a very successful run at previous HACK events. Last academic year, students took home the trophy for 'Best in Show' at the Great Manchester Hack in June 2018. Students also achieved 'Best in Show' at the Tameside HACK in March 2018.

Photos courtesy of Tameside HACK on Twitter.

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