London Screenwriter Director visits Media

3 April 2018

In conversation with... Chris Jones, Director of the London Screenwriters’ Festival.

Media students have the opportunity to hear from industry professionals, throughout their course, who give advice and guidance following a wealth of experience. Students currently studying Media Production (full-time) had a Skype session with an established industry expert - Chris Jones.

Chris Jones is the Director of the London Screenwriters' Festival and has been an active member of the film industry since 1992. Award-winner, prize-winner, author, director, writer, filmmaker - in making a name for himself and working in an industry he is entirely passionate about, Chris has learned a lot. He also teaches and educates the next generations of film professionals. Find out more on his blog.

Ashton Sixth Form College students were able to listen to his experiences, learn from his teachings and ask their own questions. Students will soon be exploring screenwriting, many want to progress on to filmmaking in their future careers. The aim of guest speakers, such as Chris Jones, is to inspire students to think about their opportunities:

"Opportunities are amazingly common, but you've got to be in the room, you've got to be in the space, you've got to have the relationships for you to be able to seize the opportunity."

He also presented the reality of the film industry. While there is a lot of competition, part of the battle is being there and creating. For those students who think the film industry is out of reach, Chris reminded them that the industry is not that far away.

"You can do anything you want now with technology. The only barrier to entry is your own personal choice. You have everything you need. I'm looking at the team now... You just need leadership, an idea, a bit of crowdfunding and you're in Cannes next year selling your movie. And of course, you can go and have a cup of tea and talk about it instead - which is what most people will do."

The 'In Conversation with..' series is programme of guest speakers who visit the Digital Technology and Multimedia students throughout the course. Either via Skype or in person, students are able to gain a wealth of knowledge, advice and even industry contacts to help them progress. Previous guest speakers have included Martin Sofiedal - Norwegian film director, Darren Darnborough - LA based actor and Michael Pettyt - Director of Tracks Layers (Motion Graphics). 

"Success is about people who take action."

Here more from Chris Jones' Facebook LIVE here

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