Guest Speaker: Co-Founder of Sigtrap Games

13 November 2017

Games Development and 3D Design and Technology students at Ashton Sixth Form College were visited by Luke Thompson, Co-Founder, Director and Lead Programmer at SIGTRAP Games.

Guest speaker, Luke Thompson, discussed his journey to becoming established within the gaming industry. He completed both a Masters and PhD in Physics at the University of Manchester before the creation of SIGTRAP Games in 2014. The Video Games Development and 3D Design and Technology courses at Ashton Sixth Form College are ideal for those wishing to progress on to digitally creative professions. 

Luke spoke of the many different roles now available in the constantly evolving gaming industry. In 2016, "The UK games market was valued at a record £4.33bn in 2016, up +1.2% from 2015" ( It has also been reported that, "2.2 billion gamers across the globe are expected to generate $108.9 billion in game revenues in 2017" (NewZoo). 

The Gaming Industry is thriving and is only expected to grow year on year. Students were able to ask questions and gain an understanding of the industry Luke experiences on a daily basis. The Digital Technology and Multimedia Department has an outstanding wealth of industry and technical experience. Guest speakers allow students to hear how professionals work day-to-day and begin to gain a focus on where they would like to progress in the future.


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