A good foundation for any future is the understanding of what happened in our past. This course takes you through over 250 years’ worth of humanity, with that depth of knowledge you are sure to put your distinct mark on history. 

Unit 1: Britain, 1625-1701 Conflict, revolution and settlement

This is one of the most turbulent eras of Britain’s past. In this unit you will examine the execution of Charles I and the rule of Oliver Cromwell as England became a republic; religious upheaval and social change that would mark Britain’s History forever.

Unit 2: Russia in Revolution, 1894-1924

In this unit, you will discover how the largest country in the world was transformed through three revolutions. The execution of a whole royal family, Rasputin and the making of a communist country, makes this a captivating unit.

Unit 3: Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA 1850-2009

From the onset of the Civil War to the inauguration of Barack Obama, in this unit you will study the long struggle to equality. This course will help you understand the journey of race relations between black and white Americans, we will be looking at not just civil rights but other social changes and asking has true equality been achieved?

Unit 4: Coursework – The Extent to which the Holocaust was part of a long term plan

The Holocaust is regarded as the one of the most devastating acts of genocide seen in the Modern World. In this unit you will explore the extent to which this barbaric act was part of a long term plan of Adolf Hitler’s? You will also examine how this issue has divided the opinions of Historians and decide on where you stand.

Entry requirements

  • Experienced teaching staff with subject specialist knowledge, some are chief external examiners
  • Only college outside London to work with Arts Emergency - a charity proving students with access to Arts and Humanities professionals
  • Specialist conferences with leading Historians
  • Regular visits by politicians
  • Visiting Alumni talks
  • Webinars with universities across the country

This course provides you with the opportunity to progress on to Higher Education, employment or further training. Our students have progressed to:


History at Manchester Metropolitan University

English Literature and History at Lancashire University

History and Sociology at the University of Manchester

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Oxford

Contemporary History and Politics at the University of Salford

Contemporary Military and International History at the University of Salford

History at Newcastle University

Education and Religion at Edge Hill University

History and Philosophy at the University of Warwick

History at York St. John University

Journalism at Leeds Beckett University

Philosophy at the University of York

History and Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University

Ancient History at the University of Manchester

Course Key Details

Course Type : A-Level
Exam Board : Pearson
Pass Rate : 100%
Assessment : 80% exam 20% non-examined

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