A Level Fine Art

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About the Course

Fine Art is far more than painting and drawing. It can include printmaking, mixed media work, photography and 3-D! This specialist course is about personal development of you as an artist. The creative industries are a growth area in society today, and by choosing to become a part of this course, you can be at the forefront of innovation.

Course Structure:

In the Portfolio unit we will be exploring drawing, mixed media, printmaking and painting. The course begins with a structured programme of techniques which you will then be able to take into your own personalised topic. We research local, current artists as well as the great masters and use what you learn from artists work to help develop your creative ideas.
In this unit, your work will become even more personal as you select a brief and take it in your own direction under your tutor’s guidance. We will continue to develop the skills and techniques from the Portfolio Unit. This unit is a practical project where you submit your sketchbook of coursework as well as your final piece. 

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