Public Services 'BIN THE TIN' initiative.

21 April 2022

Our A2 Public Services have been working hard to create an initiative for their Volunteering Unit. In previous years, Public Services students have visited local food banks to volunteer, but due to Covid restrictions, this has unfortunately not been possible this year. 

Instead of volunteering themselves, they set up a large refuse bin in college in aim to fill it with food for the food bank. This was set up in Costa and was left for 5 weeks.



The 'BIN THE TIN' initiative did incredibly, with both staff and students generously donating a large amount of tins, cans, food sachets and more. 

The students delivered it all to Tameside East Food Bank themselves. Their teacher, Andrew Leech said:

"It really did hit home how much the donations will make to the lives of others. We witnessed this when we dropped the donations off - the food was going straight to the families waiting outside!"


Tameside East Food Bank stated that the donations the students had gathered will provide food for at least 50 individuals or 15 families!

All students should be proud of themselves for successfully carrying out this initiative and raising so much food for those who need it - it is an amazing achievement.

Find out about our Public Services course HERE.

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