First Aid Enrichment sessions!

31 March 2022

First Aid Enrichment has been taking place this week! Almost 60 students had signed up and have been attending sessions in the lecture theatre.

The students have been learning a variety of new first aid skills, including CPR, the recovery position and dealing with a situation involving choking and bleeding. 

This course and numerous others are part of the Ashton Enrichment programme. The programme gives students access to a large range of in person and virtual extra-curricular and super-curricular activities!




These sessions and courses give our students the opportunity to develop and gain transferable skills, meet fellow students with similar interests to their own and have an active part in their local community.

The enrichment organiser, Hazel said:

"We are really pleased to see so many students putting themselves forward to learning these potentially life saving skills!"

Here at Ashton, we take pride in being able to offer our students extra curricular activities, to give them the opportunity to expand their life skills!

Find out more about Enrichment at Ashton HERE.

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