Students present Health Promotion Campaigns

16 February 2022

Our full-time A2 BTEC L3 Health and Social Care students have been presenting their Health Promotion Campaigns on Wednesday 16th February for their assessments. The campaigns have been designed and worked on since the beginning of term and were showcased to fellow college students and staff. Each campaign followed a relevant health topic, including: reducing alcohol, stopping smoking, healthy eating, exercise and immunisation.




The displays were informative as well as interactive, with students presenting and elaborating on their topic areas. Creating the campaigns gave the vocational students a feel of working in a real life health sector, as they gained experience in working and presenting information as a team, managing workloads and adapting to situations, such as absence or illness.



The health fair was full of college students and staff, meaning there was a big turnout for the event and was overall really successful for our Health and Social Care students.

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Tags: enrichment education and health