EPQ Poster Presentation 2020

5 March 2020

Ashton Sixth Form College's EPQ Poster Presentation returned for it's third year. 

The fantastic event showcased student's work who are currently taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). 

The EPQ is an independent research project that students choose to take alongside their study programme. Students decide on a topic that interests them most and they then plan, research and complete their project from start to finish. The process allows students to develop their skills in time-management, decision making and organisation. By leading their own project, they gain a greater understanding of the research process and are better prepared for university-style teaching and learning. 

As well as developing their skills, the EPQ also encourages students to learn new things and research areas that they would not typically explore in their every day studies. Students cover an incredible range of subjects that focus on everything from health to representation to social media to history. 

Some of this year's EPQ titles included:

  • To what extent is history written by the winners?
  • Is rape under reported and under prosecuted in modern Britain?
  • The history of the Caribbean and it's influence on British society
  • Is the increase of money having a positive or negative impact on European football?
  • To what extent does Instagram have negative effects on the mental health of adolescent girls?
  • What are the arguments for and against the use of Herceptin to treat HER2 breast cancer in the UK?
  • Why the central powers lost World War One
  • The changing perception and portrayal of blonds in literature and film
  • What effect does sleep have on everyday life? 
  • How does LGBTQ+ literature portray the changes in the perception of the PGBTQ+ community over the 20th and 21st century?
  • To what extent has increased accountability measure within the NHS improved the standards of medicine and patient care?

The event gave student's the opportunity to present their projects to new audiences. Hundreds of staff and students attended the poster presentation in Costa Coffee to learn new things, ask questions and discover more about the EPQ process. Students were able to develop their communication skills and understand how to present their ideas and form arguments. For many first year students, it allowed them to see the qualification in action and think about whether they want to take part in their second year. 

Read more about the EPQ here

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