Public Services student gains interview with the Met Police

2 July 2019

Aaron Duncuft studies Level 3 Public Services at Ashton Sixth Form College. Towards the end of July, he will attend his interview in the hope of joining the Metropolitan Police.

This year marks the end of Aaron's college studies and the beginning of his career. His educational experience has not been particularly straightforward, but his determination to achieve has ensured he has overcome great obstacles.

Back in 2017, Aaron joined Ashton Sixth Form College as a transfer student from Great Academy Ashton on an A-Level programme. Very early on he showed a passion for joining the Police force and felt strongly that he was not studying the right courses. As a result, and on a fairly rare occasion, Aaron was able to move from an A-Level programme to a full-time vocational programme in Public Services. It was in one of his Public Services classes while Aaron spoke to a friend about applying for a job in the Police that encouraged him to put in an application.

Following Aaron's successful application to the Police, he has now been selected to attend an interview with the Met. He will head down to London to take part in a fairly lengthy interview that could last around 6 hours. The interview will most likely include group sessions, 1:1 interviews, and various scenario assessments to ensure that the Police force recruit the best individuals for the job.

The Metropolitan Police are responsible for law enforcement across the entirety of London, which includes 32 boroughs. Currently, the Met consists of over 30,000 officers as well as around 10,000 other members of staff ( They are responsible for ensuring the safety of around 8 million residents who call London home and all of its visitors, 24 hours a day.

Throughout his Public Services course, he has developed a well-rounded overview of how the emergency services, law enforcement, healthcare and education all work together within our communities. His course has covered a range of units allowing him to understand government and policies, leadership and teamwork, citizenship and diversity, as well as physical preparation and fitness.

Growing up, Aaron commented on how he has often changed his mind regarding his future career plans. He has never wanted a role that would result in experiencing the same thing day in day out and during his college studies, he realised that the Police force could offer him that. When he delved a little more in to the jobs available, Aaron discovered that the training he will gain will cover a range of areas that interest him greatly. He also found that no two days are ever expected to be the same. For Aaron, this is the kind of environment that suits him best and it is the career that will allow him to thrive.

Ashton Sixth Form College wishes Aaron the best of luck at his interview.

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