Creative Futures event with Art and Design

12 June 2019

This year saw the first ever Creative Futures event take place in the Art and Design department. 

The event welcomed speakers from a range of backgrounds within Art and Design settings across the country. The department understand how important it is for their students to think about their futures beyond Ashton Sixth Form College. The aim of 'Creative Futures' is to allow students to gain an insight in to some of careers available to them and more importantly, for them to hear about these careers from the people within the industry who know firsthand. 

Creative Futures covered a range of topics relating to 3D Design and Technology, Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography.

Huddersfield University presented various talks on 3D Design, Architecture, Graphics, Illustration and Photography. Falmouth University also explored Photography and Drawing. The Courtauld Institute of Art presented the work they do as a centre for the history and conservation of art and architecture. UCLAN also spoke about Interior Design and Animation. Leeds University presented the differences between college and university, focusing on creative courses. 

Alongside the universities, it was vital that professionals currently working in industry were represented.

Paul Burrows, a freelance professional photographer, spoke of his numerous years of experience as a photographer and some of the changes he has witnessed in recent years. He also spoke about the kind of work he does and the areas of photography he specialises in.

Erin Bell spoke about her freelance career in the jewelry making industry. She explored the ways she uses social media as a key element of her business plan. 

Arts Emergency presented their role as a charity in connecting young people to the creative world and making the sector more accessible to those who are passionate about working in it. 

Equator Designs presented an overall picture of the design industry and how students can start their career in it. 

Juice Academy explored the range of apprenticeships available to students through a social media and stop motion workshop. 

The college also welcomed back alumni from the Art Foundation Year course who have since gone to various universities and careers across the country.

Creative Futures was a spectacular display of some of the incredible work that is taking place in one of the world's most innovative sectors. Students were able to sign up to any talks they wanted, ensuring they tailored their needs to suit their particular interests.

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Creative Futures 2019

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