EPQ Presentation 2019

14 March 2019

Ashton Sixth Form College's incredible EPQ Poster Presentation took place in Costa.

The EPQ is an Extended Project Qualification and all students at Ashton have the opportunity to take part. The qualification allows students to explore a topic that interests them and that they are passionate about. Students are required to plan and research their chosen area in great detail. Following this research, the finished product will then take the form of either a written research report, a production or an artefact.

The extensive range of topics explored throughout the poster presentation were extremely varied. Topics included:

  • facism and patriarchy in war-time Europe
  • miracle cures for Cancer, Alzheimer's and Heart Disease
  • the conservation of bees
  • antibiotic resistance
  • Victorian murders
  • the court of protection
  • male suicide
  • Cancer and radiotherapy
  • travel and it's impact on culture
  • among many others

Students gain invaluable skills in time management, organisation and responsibility. They experience a higher-level university-style approach to research and report writing. In addition, students are then required to present their findings and gather feedback on their work. The poster presentation is invaluable experience for students to improve their presentation and communication skills.

Members of staff and fellow students explored the poster presentation and asked students questions about their topics. EPQ students were able to share the research they have worked on for months with the wider college community. The atmosphere was incredible, with extremely interesting and in-depth conversations taking place.

EPQ Presentation 2019

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