Grant Thornton Alumni return to Ashton

14 November 2018

Representatives from Grant Thornton LLP spoke to Business students about their experiences at one of the largest accounting networks in the world. 

Staff from the company included past students Luke McCormick and Ashley Hutchinson. Both students completed their high school education at Wright Robinson College. While at Ashton they studied A-Levels in Accounting, Economics and Maths, and  Accounting, Business and Economics, respectively. During their final year of their studies, they each applied to join Grant Thornton and we accepted on an apprenticeship programme. Since then, in 2016, they have been training to become financial auditors. 

Students currently studying on those same A-Level were able to hear from people who had been in their exact position. Ashley and Luke passed on their advice and knowledge of going through the apprenticeship process and inspire students to think about the range of opportunities available to them.

Grant Thornton is a network of "independent assurance, tax and advisory firms in over 135 countries", boasting over 100 years experience in the sector ( 

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