Biology field trip to Scarborough

29 June 2018

Biology students journeyed up the North East coast to Scarbrough to complete their field trip. 

Travelling over 100 miles via coach, students arrived to blue skies for their outdoor field trip. Groups spent a day in North Yorkshire and the trips ran across two days, with over 100 students taking part.

While studying their A-Level Biology course, students were working towards their practical endorsement qualification - an extra qualification they acquire alongside their A-Level.

Biologists visited a freshwater site to test water cleanliness using indicator species and a calculation called a species diversity index. At the rocky shore, they then looked at zonation, which is the change in species adapted to tidal zones. In order to do this, they used interrupted belt transects with quadrats and tape measures. In addition, students looked at limpet adaptations and how those with different adaptations can be found due to different wave action at upper, mid and lower shore.

The Biology field trip allowed students to explore some of the academic topics they have been looking at in the classroom, firsthand in the real world. They were able to gain valuable skills in using equipment and working as part of a team to gather data and analyse their findings. 

For students who want to progress on to Biology-focussed pathways or science related careers, this experience gives them a taste of what life could be like working in the field. 

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