Police Officer Visits Public Services Students

27 September 2017

Richard Beswick, a Police Office for GMP, visited Ashton Sixth Form College recently to talk about his experiences and career within the Public Services sector. 

As an Incident Responder in the Police Force, Richard Beswick is stationed in Ashton-Under-Lyne. Alongside his demanding role, he also volunteers for mountain rescue and is often one of the first teams on the scene at life-threatening and sometimes high profile events, such as the Mystery of the Man on the Moor, documented by Channel 4.

Students on the full-time Level 3 Public Services course benefit from hearing from established professionals. Guest speakers inspire students to think beyond their comfort zones and understand the reality of the prospect of a career in a wide range of roles. Guest speakers also assist students in their future careers by offering advice and sometimes acting as key contacts further down the line.

Many students on the Public Services course, also take part in the Police Cadet scheme and as part of his visit, Richard Beswick was talking about the scheme he co-ordinates. Level 3 Public Services students gain a wealth of experience during their course to help them to progress further in the future. 


For more information on our Public Services courses, both Level 2 and Level 3 visit www.asfc.ac.uk/courses

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