#WeStandTogether for Manchester

25 May 2017

Ashton Sixth Form College students and staff came together in the heart of the campus to remember those affected by the events at Manchester Arena on Monday evening.

Jean Hurlston spoke of Manchester's strength and community, which has shone throughout the past week, before a moment of nationally recognised silence and reflection.

“Let us remember that from this terrible incident there came many acts of kindness and we will get through this if we stand strong and if #WeStandTogether.”

After the minute’s silence, 22 pink balloons were released in honour of those who lost their lives. Students and staff from across the college have been deeply affected and this moment of remembrance assured the college community spirit is high and stronger together.

If you have been affected by the recent events, please speak to your Tutors, Teachers, the College Counsellor, Chaplaincy, Exams or any member of staff.

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