Location: Ashton Sixth Form College

Fee: £4,200 per year (2 years)

Start Date: 10 September 2018

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This course has a very distinctive curriculum that aims to cater for a broad range of students from a variety of workplace situations. Work-based personal experiences form a significant part of the learning for this course; however the course also aims to extend your knowledge, skills and understanding of learning situations that might be different from your own immediate experience.

The modules have a wide and flexible content, adaptable to your needs, while providing an essential core of academic understanding. The programme will develop your subject knowledge; work-based knowledge; work-based skills; and study skills in a coherent package. In particular, the course aims to provide learning support assistants with specialist roles the opportunity to reflect on their own particular situation.

This course is made up of eight modules.


To request an application pack, please call the Admissions Team on 0161 6668215 or email HEadmissions@asfc.ac.uk.

Please note - in addition to completing your application form for Ashton Sixth Form College, you will also be required to complete an online application to Staffordshire University, click here.