What Will I Do?

 British Sign  Language These sessions will introduce you to British Sign Language and D/deaf culture. It will help you  to develop your communication skills and will allow you to learn a new language. 
 First Aid These sessions, delivered by St John's Ambulance, will give you a thorough introduction to  First Aid. Within these sessions you will cover Burns and Scalds, Choking, Shock and the  Recovery Position. Completion of this course will lead to the St John Ambulance 'First Aid in a  Day' certificate.
 Public Speaking and  Presentation Skills We know that some students find giving presentations difficult. If you know that you will need  to give presentations as part of your course abd find the thouht of it daunting; if you want to  learn to create a memorable message, and present effectively and professionally, this course  if for you!
 Life Drawing A free six week course exploring different techniques, and drawing styes, suitable for both  absolute beginners and more advanced artists. 
 DJ Skills Interested in learning to DJ? This is the course for you!
 Ashton TV The aim of Ashton TV is to give you an insight into the world of Television. We will be looking  at the basics of camera, editing and script writing. You will work together as a team with a  variety of roles to create either a music or film review show in the TV studio.
 Creative Writing Love writing, and want to share ideas, suggestions, and get feedback on your work? Want to  write, but need some help getting going or developing your ideas? The creative writing  course will give you the chance to read and learn from a range of texts, hone your craft and  to encounter new forms. You can work towards a piece, portfolio or national competitions.  For poets, novellists, playwrights, lyricists, doodler and the generally interested!
 Microsoft Academy Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to get the most out of your computer by earning  a Microsoft Office Specialist qualification. This is a great qualification for UCAS and is  extremely well respected by employers. You will also be given the relevant software to further  learn Microsoft Office at home as part of the enrichment.
 Building and  Repairing  Computers This is a short course for students wishing to gain practical skills in understanding the  hardware behind a computer system. You will have the opportunity to dismantle a computer  into individual components and learn about what they do within our college computer  workshop. You will then build the computer again and test if it works, by installing an  operating system. Your skills will be assessed by then diagnosing the faulty computer,  troubleshooting, and resolving the problem. Other skills may be explored such as laptop  repairs depending on interest and time. The aim of this course is to gain confidence working  on a computer and to put you in the position to repair your own computer or that of a friend.
 Grade 5 Music  Theory

Grade 5 music theory is essential for many performance degrees in music. It is also required  in ABRSM if you want to take your Grade 6 in an instrument/ voice. Come and prepare to  take the exam this year.

 Crminal Psychology  An introduction to criminal psychology, including sessions on offender profiling, nature versus  nurture and crime rates.