There is much more to life at Ashton Sixth Form College than just getting your qualifications.

At Ashton Sixth Form you'll get the opportunity to reach your full potential both academically and personally. We encourage you to take advantage of the many activities available. From First Aid to Craft making, Sign Language to Rock Choir, Netball to Beginner's Japanese, Student Ambassadors to Realising Aspirations, there's something for everyone!

Getting involved is a great way to meet new people, learn a skill and enhance your career prospects for the future, whether you want to further your learning to compliment your course or try something completely out of your comfort zone.


When you join the college you have the chance to join a society. There's so many to choose from and the list changes and grows year on year. Learn a new language or develop a new skill while meeting likeminded people. Develop your teamwork, communication and specialist skills in a fun environment.

Academic Enrichment

Each subject area has their own academic enrichment that you can participate in throughout the year. Trips, visits and guest talks are just some of the extra activities you'll experience during your course. You could expect to get involved in Brain Day, Theatre Visits, and so much more!

Health, Fitness and Sport

Whether you want to try a new fitness activity or continue playing competitively, our range of sport opportunities is ever growing. From classics such as Football and Netball, to Zumba there are countless opportunities to take part in sport enrichment.

Skills Courses

Our range of extra-curricular courses allows you to gain extra qualifications such as First Aid, British Sign Language or Life Drawing. Our courses take place over a set number of weeks and students will gain a certificate on completion of the course.

Realising Aspirations

This program encourages you to think about life beyond college, inspire you to aim high. Our Realising Aspirations programmes are open to everyone at all levels. Realising Aspirations could introduce you to university level of study in various subjects of your interest. You'll experience taster lectures and seminars delivered by university academics and you could also go to universities to see them for yourself. As a result, you'll be able to make more informed choices about what happens next after college. It could also strengthen your university applications should that be your route.

Young Enterprise

See yourself as the next big entrepreneur? Our Young Enterprise programmes are designed to stimulate young entrepreneurs and give you hands on experience in setting up and running your own business. Getting involved in the whole process from planning to buying to selling, you'll gain invaluable knowledge in the world of business.


If you've been to one of our events you've probably met our amazing Student Ambassadors. Whether you become a college or course ambassador you will be a representative of the college helping others to find their way around. Developing your confidence and communication skills as a point of help for visitors to the college, you'll gain a great insight in to event management. Student Ambassadors are a key and invaluable part of Ashton Sixth Form College.

Duke of Edinburgh

Here at Ashton Sixth Form College you get the opportunity to complete your the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Many participants describe it as a life-changing changing experience through adventures, caring for others and being creative. It's all about pushing personal boundaries, gaining new skills and meeting new people. The award will help you develop highly sought after skills by universities and employers as well as providing you with incredible experiences outside of the normal college routine.