EPQ Poster Presentations

5 April 2022

Last week, students on the EPQ course presented their projects to the student and staff body in Costa.

The EPQ is a qualification that students can do additionally to their studies and is equivalent to 1 AS Level. The idea is allowing students to develop their personal interests and create a project around a topic area that interests them. It gives students a range of skills, including the ability to carry out research and also the skill of presenting research to an audience.




The topic areas presented were extremely interesting, including:

  • Music and its neurological impacts
  • Walt Disney: villain or hero?
  • Does right wing media predominately appeal to men in America?
  • How did WW2 affect British poetry?
  • China's use of military, economics and technological advances to become the world's leading superpower

and lots more!




There is a record number of students taking EPQ this year, nearly 140! All the students did an amazing job at presenting their research and findings. The quality of the posters was impressive and the students' own development and learning is evident. The fair was very busy and an overall success for everybody involved!


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