Politics debate club in the sun!

28 March 2022

The politics department holds a debate club every Friday lunch time. It's usually held in the politics classroom, but with the weather being so nice last week, it was held on the football pitches!



Lot's of relevant topics were discussed, including:

  • Is it justified to compare Putin to Hitler?
  • Was Zelensky valid in banning Russian-associated political groups in Ukraine?
  • Should councils be issuing grants for Jubilee parties?


These debates allow students to discuss questions from multiple points of view, and bring their own views and opinions to the debates, as well as respecting differing opinions to their own. The club allows students to develop their communication skills and gives them good experience of anybody wanting to go down a political career path! Very interesting topics discussed and a good turn out as always!

Find out more about studying A Level Politics at Ashton HERE.




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