Politics host lunchtime debate club

21 January 2022

The Politics department hosted a lunchtime debate club for students. 

Following on from Prime Minister's Questions in Parliament which are currently making headlines on a weekly basis, students decided to host a similar version of their own.

This week, students looked at a range of current topics to debate including:

  • Should online anonymity be illegal so that offenders can be held accountable?
  • Should MPs be allowed to defect during their time in office? (Christian Wakeford – Bury South)
  • Is Priti Patel justified in her use of the Royal Navy for border control?

Students were able to bring their own point of view and political understanding to answer the questions. The debate encouraged students to welcome and respect other opinions, which may differ from their own. Debate club allows students to develop their communication skills and think quickly on the spot in front of an audience. Fantastic experience for those wanting to progress on to political careers.

The Politics department commented,

Lots of superb debate from passionate politicians - some real thought provoking points raised. It's great to see such passion for politics, whatever your views!

Find out more about studying Politics at Ashton here

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