The Accent Van visits English Language

14 October 2021

Manchester Metropolitan University's Accent Van paid a visit to Ashton Sixth Form College, coordinated by Manchester Voices.

The Manchester Voices research project, led by sociolinguists at Manchester Metropolitan University, has been investigating how people speak across Greater Manchester’s 10 boroughs, and what people think and feel about these ways of speaking. (MMU)

Any students at the college could drop by and take part in the project, but the visit was specifically aimed at A Level English Language students.

As part of their course, English students look at spoken language in relation to power, situation and identity. They explore how the language we use is acquired by children and how it can reflect an individuals sense of self, gender, culture and diversity. 

The visit allowed students to look at their own accents and those around them, reflecting their classroom based learning on the environment they communicate in. 

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