Public Services students speak to Andrew Gwynne MP

8 December 2020

Public Services students had the chance to speak to Andrew Gwynne MP this week. 

First year students are currently learning about Government and Politics and how this impacts the Public Services across the UK.

Andrew Gwynne has been an MP representing Denton and Reddish since 2005. At the time he was the youngest Labour MP in the 2005 Parliament. His 15 years experience in Parliament ensured that he was able to answer the students questions and concerns. 

Being an MP based in and around the local area, Public Services students were able to ask questions relating to where they live and gain a greater understanding for the Public Services across Greater Manchester.

The meeting took place via Microsoft Teams allowing students both in the classroom and those working from home on the A/B system to take part.

The Sport and Public Services department regularly invite guest speakers in to the classroom to ensure students learn about different sectors. The range of guest speakers invited also allows students to think about their future careers and make more informed decisions moving forward.

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