We've joined the #GoTheDistance Challenge

9 June 2020

The #GoTheDistance Challenge began on Monday 8th June and runs all the way through to 5th July. Organised by the Association of Colleges, the challenge is encouraging students and staff to come together virtually, alongside colleges across the country. 

Whether people want to cycle, run or walk, colleges are competing to achieve the furthest distance or engage the most people.

The challenge uses the mobile app Strava which updates daily. For those wanting to join Ashton Sixth Form College in the challenge, they are more than welcome to join 'Ashton Sixth Form Cycling' or 'Ashton Sixth Form College Running Club'.

Despite the college building being closed in the traditional sense, the college has been very much open digitally. While students and staff are practicing social distancing this challenge gives them the opportunity to work together to achieve the same goal while getting out and about, improving their physical and mental health.

The overall college leader boards are posted by the AoC daily at www.aocsport.co.uk/competitions/go-the-distance-challenge

Ashton Sixth Form College currently rank third in walk/run distance and fourth in walk/run total engagement.

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