Coronavirus response update - 05.05.20

5 May 2020

Coronavirus response update 5th May 2020

Please pass on our thanks to your sons and daughters for continuing to engage in their learning. To give you some figures, around 80,000 participation interactions have taken place on Canvas since we returned from the Easter holiday. Keep up the good work!

A few updates today.

We have today, seen the statistics for engagement from students since the lockdown began. Whilst the figures are encouraging, with around 90% of students working well and participating in their learning, there are some students who are failing to engage without reason. It is worth reminding your sons and daughters that we will take engagement in remote learning into account when making decisions about A1 to A2 progression, should the need arise. We also understand that there are students who are struggling to engage for good reasons; this will also be taken into account. If your son or daughter is struggling to engage, for whatever reason, please encouraging them to contact their senior tutor as soon as they can as their senior tutor may be able to provide support.

The Universities Minister, Michelle Donelan, has written to all UCAS applicants providing some information about admissions, accommodation and other topics which may be of interest to your sons and daughters. The letter can be found at

That’s all for today.

Take care, look after yourself, your families and each other; be patient and stay positive.