Drama students watch Macbeth at the Royal Exchange

10 October 2019

Drama students visited the Royal Exchange Theatre to watch William Shakespeare's Macbeth. 

Students from both first and second year who are currently studying their A-Level in Drama at Ashton Sixth Form College, spent their evening experiencing live theatre. The Royal Exchange Theatre is an incredible venue located in Manchester city centre. It is the largest theatre in the round in the country provide a unique 360 degree experience for the audience. 

Macbeth, as described by the Royal Exchange Theatre, is "Shakespeare's darkest tragedy" and "also his most chilling", they go on to say that the "highly-charged production" students were able to experience "explores what happens, when in a split-second you decide to act upon your deepest, darkest ambition" (www.royalexchange.co.uk).

The opportunity to visit the theatre as a group allowed students to understand and see firsthand some of the techniques they have been learning in the classroom. It allowed them to develop their skills which they will then take in to their own pieces throughout their course and in their final performance exams. 

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