Army training day with Public Services

16 September 2019

The British Army held a training and information day at Ashton Sixth Form College. Public Services students attended the training day to develop their skills and understanding of the armed forces.

Classes were split into groups and were tasked to complete various activities. Activities included using teamwork to move the whole team from one block to another using only a plank of wood. Others were required to use their memory and problem solving to find numbered flags. Most activities were also testing students' fitness levels through press ups, sit ups and cardio.

Students had to face situations they most likely have never come across before and work as a team to achieve the end goal. Situations could also change instantly allowing students to understand the importance of being prepared and ready at all times.

Representatives from the military led the sessions, allowing them to talk to the students about their own experiences serving in the British Army. Students were able to ask them questions about their careers and about application processes.

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Army training day 2019

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