Student voices heard at the Tutor Rep meeting

4 April 2019

A cross-college Tutor Rep meeting took place recently in the Lecture Theatre.

Tutor Rep meetings are a time for students to voice their opinions to the Student Council. 

The Tutor Rep team consists of a representative from each tutor group who act on behalf of their fellow students. Tutor Reps gather the opinions of the students who want to see great changes happen across the college. They also feedback on what is working well at the college to ensure these continue. 

The meetings are led by the Student Council to ensure the meeting focus on the topics that students are most passionate about. 

Following the Tutor Rep meetings, the Student Council then take the information directly from students to the Senior Leadership Team at Ashton Sixth Form College. 

Appointing students in positions on the Student Council and within the Tutor Rep team ensure that the student voice is heard and that they too have a say in their education moving forward. 

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