Outstanding performance from Drama students

29 March 2019

Final year drama students completed their exam following another outstanding performance. 

Drama students presented a collection of plays that explored some extremely powerful and difficult themes, including patriarchy, gender, societal expectations and loss. Each play was performed by a different cast allowing them to focus on their piece, producing a spectacular evening of theatre. The plays included:

Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchil, set during the 17th Century witch trials, exploring the relationships between gender and power. 


Alice                    Rae Mitchell
Jack                    Hannah Combs
Margery              Caitlyn Howarth
Joan                    Morgan Kerr
Betty/Susan        Mel Smit
Ellen/Packer       Emily McGuinn

Yerma by Federico Garcia Lorca, written in 1934 tells the story of a woman living in rural Spain who has a desperate desire for motherhood during a time when society expected women to bear children. The play explores obsession, desperation and isolation. 


Yerma                  Violet Winterbottom
Juan                    Kian Safari
Maria                   Jasmine Carson
Old Woman         Steph Lowther
Dolores                Rebecca Sullivan

The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson, a tragi-comedy which explores the relationship between three sisters as they come together before their mother's funeral. The play focuses on how individuals deal with death, time and memory. 


Mary                    Lucy Howard
Vi                        Tayla Tombs
Teresa                 Chelsea Royle
Catherine            Anna Street
Mike                    Millie Kelly

Drama Exam 2019

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