Dance students met choreographer Sir Matthew Bourne OBE

7 December 2018

Dance students attended Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake at the Lowry in Salford. 

Swan Lake's revival is based on Tchaikovsky's ballet composed in the 1870s. The ballet has been performed countless times across the world, but it is Matthew Bourne's interpretation that has brought it back to the Lowry. Students currently studying their A-Level in Dance had the opportunity to see the work and gain an understanding of how different choreographers work with such prominent and well known classic works. 

Following the performance, the students also had the chance to meet the choreographer, Sir Matthew Bourne OBE. 

Sir Matthew Bourne was knighted in 2006 for his services to Dance. His work as a choreographer in both contemporary and dance theatre has been recognised across the country. 

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