Music Technology student opens his own studio and business

31 July 2018

Alex Gregson studied Music Technology, Media Studies and Religious Studies at Ashton Sixth Form College back in 2012. Just six years on, he now owns his own Post Production Studio, 344 Audio

After completing his studies at Ashton Sixth Form College, Alex went on to study a BSc in Sound Engineering and Design at the SSR (School of Sound Recording) Manchester.

"I've worked with people from all over the world... Mostly independent film makers but also commercial directors. I've worked on some TV commercials with Nike, Skoda, even local regional adverts... I've just worked on a feature film that has just been aired in Beverly Hills Film Festival, which is pretty exciting, and I've also just done a Channel 5 documentary." 

Alex is not only incredible at what he does, but he is also extremely passionate about his work. His business, 344 Audio, has been entirely self-funded and throughout his career, he has received business advice and help along the way from Manchester-based charities including the Princes Trust and ERDF Business Growth, as well as his tutors. After honing his skills at college and then further at university, Alex became his own boss in an industry that he loves. As a result, he is now working with people from across the globe, creating spectacular pieces of work that he could only have dreamed of a few years back. 

344 Audio has found its home in Tameside at the Old Courthouse in Dukinfield. The building was originally completed in the early 1900's but has since been renovated and refurbished to create an innovative work space for growing businesses. Alex explained, 

"I wanted to be in Manchester city centre originally and unfortunately most of the places I looked at were not what I would of hoped for in terms of a studio room... A lot of the city centre locations were in really interesting historical buildings but they'd not had the money spent inside to be suitable for a sound design studios, so you'd have a lot of noisy leaky pipes... it wouldn't have been a comfortable space."

Creating his own business and moving to a new premises has not come without its challenges. Alex spoke of his experience with social anxiety, something he struggled with throughout college. He has continued to push beyond his own personal boundaries and now uses social media as an important tool to network and form relationships with a range of people across the film and TV industry. He also regularly attends film events, film screenings and networking events. Looking back at how much he has achieved in such a short space of time, Alex explained,

"That's the strangest thing about it. If I was to go back to Ashton Sixth Form, which was probably about six or seven years ago, I would never have imagined that I'd be in this position now. I probably felt a lot more like it it was impossible, maybe, like to get to this point would never have happened. 

You've just got to stay focused on your studies, stay focused on your goals and eventually you will succeed."

Listen to Alex tell his own story below: 

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