Politics visit the Houses of Parliament

22 March 2018

Politics students from Ashton Sixth Form College visited Central London recently, to explore the Houses of Parliament. As part of their course, students explore UK Politics, Government and Political Ideas.

The opportunity to visit London allowed students to see the center of Politics in England firsthand. They were able to explore the buildings that house the political systems and the political parties they learn about throughout their two year course. Students visited Central London to see the speaker open the session for the spring statement.

Students were able to take a tour of Westminster Palace, which included the House of Lords. Following the House of Parliament, Politics students visited the Supreme Court building and also sat in on a Supreme Court Session. 

To end an incredibly busy and exciting day, students then went on to explore Whitehall, Trafalgar Square and Downing Street.

Visiting central London, not only allowed students to gain an extra depth to their learning, but also inspired them to think about their futures. The buildings they explored and the people they may have met on their way, make extremely important decisions that can ultimately affect the way the entire country live their lives.

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