Gothic Literature lecture with MMU

13 February 2018

English Literature students attended a guest lecture on 'Frankenstein: Otherness and Monstrosity,' with Dr. Emma Liggins from Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Students currently studying English Literature A-Level at Ashton Sixth Form College are exploring the work of Frankenstein and the theme of the Gothic as part of their A-Level studies. 

The lecture explored a range of key topics within the novel, drawing on film adaptations and popular culture. Students were able to get involved, thinking independently and bringing their own knowledge of the text to answer questions and explore various interpretations of Mary Shelley's work. 

While exploring a topic that is prominent in their studies, students also took this as an opportunity to experience a university lecture first hand.

The English Department at Ashton Sixth Form College, regularly invite guest lecturers and speakers to provider a further depth to students' learning and alternative ways of understanding the subject. 

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