Principal's Recognition Lunch 2016

31 March 2016

The Principal’s Recognition Lunch is an annual event for staff to nominate students to be praised for their hard work and achievements for the academic year. The principal, Dr Nevin, then awards a select few of these students with a prestigious certificate before settling down to eat a beautifully presented lunch.

The following are the pupils who were nominated by their teachers for the Principal’s Recognition Lunch 2016, followed by the description of why each student was nominated:

Richard Baxendale

Nominated by Guy Marshall, for Health & Social Care A2

Richard is an outstanding student. He is eager, conscientious and motivated. His work is always of the highest standard and he demonstrates all of the attributes essential to work with vulnerable people. Richard is outstanding in placement and volunteers at the hospital to further develop his skills and experience.

Sarah Brocklehurst

Nominated by Sarah Wilkinson, for Fine Art

Outstanding achievement in Fine Art; she has gone above and beyond with her work.

Molly France

Nominated by Tamzin Sinclair-Sivins, for A2 Dance

For consistent effort to study. She always put focus into her work, she is diligent and always tries to aim high. Her last essay was the highest score in the class to date. She has listened to feedback and been conscientious with her efforts in theory. Practically she also works hard. She has been proactive with her group dance, is a committed member of Raptures Dance Company (the college dance company) and also Torque Youth where she represents the college on many occasions. The next performance is the reopening of Asthon Baths in March. Excellent attendance and punctuality.

Jessica Goodson

Nominated by Tamzin Sinclair-Sivins, for A2 Dance

For consistent and effort to study. Jess is keen to aim high, often puts a lot of pressure on herself. She is hard working and conscientious. She works hard on essay writing and also has improved her dancing over the last year, putting extra effort into increasing flexibility. She is a committed member of Raptures Dance Company (the college dance company) and has recently joined Torque Youth Dance where she will represent the college. Her debut performance will be the reopening of Asthon Baths in March. Excellent attendance and punctuality.

Oliver Topping

Nominated by Vicky Clough, for AS PE

Fantastic ambassador for the subject, enthusiastic and energetic. Produces work to a high standard and is always trying their hardest to achieve the best grades possible.

Molly Hopwood

Nominated by Gill Blyth

Since I met Molly at the start of September 2015 I have been inspired by her drive and determination in attending college as she hasn’t allowed her disability to stop her. She has thrown herself into college life, making new friends and doing her best in the subjects she has chosen. I work with Molly on a 1:1 for Maths and even though she dislikes the subject, she always attends our lessons, works hard and tries her upmost to conquer this subject which I know she will.

Leighton Wood

Nominated by Nigel Rennison

Leighton has severe dyslexia which has a considerable impact on his written work. However, with a firm commitment to his studies, to accepting support and to making full use of technology, he is overcoming his barriers and succeeding on his 4 A Level courses.

Abu-Bakr Siddique

Nominated by Nigel Rennison

Abu-Bakr was diagnosed with dyslexia at school and, although intelligent and verbally articulate, struggles with written expression. However he is showing absolute commitment to his studies and has 100% attendance, both on his course and for Additional Learning Support sessions, and is currently reaching or exceeding his MTGs in all his subjects.

Katy Murphy

Nominated by Sue Massey, for Psychology

Katy is a very dedicated and hardworking Psychology student. She consistently achieves above her MTG and is a Psychology Scholar. As a reward for her hard work and effort, she recently went on a visit to the University of Manchester's Psychology Department, which I hope will inspire her to aim high and hopefully choose Psychology to study at a higher level. What makes this really impressive is that Katy is a young carer and manages her home commitments and college work superbly.

Abbie Storan

Nominated by Lynne Hannan

Abbie is studying English Literature, Psychology, L3 Applied Science (Medical) and GCSE Mathematics. Abbie was initially extremely anxious about starting her studies at Ashton Sixth Form College, partly due to the fact that she was the only student from her high school to enrol. She has worked very hard to combat her anxieties and to make new friends- for example signing up to enrichment activities. She is a very hardworking and conscientious student and it has been a pleasure getting to know her this year.

Emma Rolfe

Nominated by Florence Hilton, for AS French

Emma is an extremely gifted linguist who has been working at the highest level ever since she started in September. She is an exemplary student of French, linguistically inquisitive and always seeking to further her vocabulary knowledge. Additionally, she is also passionate and knowledgeable about French history and culture.  Emma's fluency in the target language is brilliant for her young woman her age, as she has, again, gone out of her way to find a pen pal with whom she converses regularly.I am also aware that she watches a lot of French You-tubers, and doing so as not only improved her understanding of spoken French but also picked up pronunciation patterns and idiomatic expressions. She has kindly provided other students with a list of the Youtubers she likes most and inspired them to do the same.  In class, she tends to be very modest about her high level of knowledge whilst being a great support to her peers. She always completes every single piece of extra work she is given to outstanding standard, whether it is a past paper, a challenging grammatical exercise or an advanced piece of translation. Linguists of Emma's calibre are very few and far between and I feel very privileged to be teaching her this year.

Morgan Baker

Nominated by Charlene Page, for BTEC Media Production

Morgan has consistently been a high achieving student during her time on BTEC Media Production. She has always worked very hard on her studies and always gives 100% in the classroom, at home and during teamwork. She is fantastic in teamwork and often takes the role of organiser, as she is meticulous when it comes to planning and ensuring every aspect is covered and completed to a high standard. Morgan has overcome nerves and has grown in confidence to now be able to present which is something she dreads! She has been involved in creating numerous marketing/promotional videos both for the department and the college, and volunteered to film the recent Performing Arts performance, which received much praise from Performing Arts. She has been a pleasure to teach!

Connor Cole

Nominated by Clare Rosie, for A1 Health & Social Care

Since of the start of the year Connor has stood out as a remarkable student. Connor works fantastically well in class and always puts full effort into his homework assignments. He is positive in lessons and will always embrace any tasks that are set before him.  Connor had a positive experience on placement and has since signed up to be a volunteer in his spare time on Sundays. Connor has a very mature approach to his studies and with his kind nature, good sense of humour and excellent work ethic he will be a perfect candidate for a career in a caring profession in the future. All of Connor's teachers agreed that he is an absolute pleasure to teach, we are proud to have Connor as one of our students.

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