Level 2 First Diploma Public Services

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100% Coursework

Entry Requirements

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About the Course

Fire-fighters, police officers, soldiers, sailors, air crew, prison officers, civil servants, teachers and nurses. Just some of the vital careers in public services. This course offers you the opportunity to develop your knowledge of the public services and prepare you for your career in this area.

Course Structure:

Public Service Skills 
The aim of this unit is to enable you to develop an understanding of public service skills and a variety of methods of instruction. You will also explore teamwork and communication skills via hands-on activities, enabling you to meet the needs of public expectations.

Career Planning and Employment in the Public Services
These two units look at your future career and how you can give yourself the best chance of gaining employment. You will gain a knowledge and understanding of applying and preparing for a job in your chosen public service. You will also develop the skills needed in public services to prepare for an application process.

Land Navigation
The aim of this unit is to allow you to acquire knowledge in relation to land navigation with map, compass and route card, and to demonstrate these skills practically in a safe manner. You will be required to use a map and compass to navigate yourself without the help of your teachers.

Driving and the Public Services
The aim of this unit is to enable you to develop a knowledge of pre- and post-test driving and an understanding of emergency services and accident prevention. You will also develop skills in identifying traffic offences and driver attitude.

Improving Health and Fitness for Entry to the Uniformed Public Services
You will gain a knowledge of the major body systems and an understanding of the effects of basic nutrition and lifestyle factors for entry into the uniformed public services. It also develop your skills in taking part in fitness tests and improving their personal health. You will be required to undertake a six week training programme.

Sport and Recreation
You will gain a knowledge of the importance of sport and recreation in public services. You will cover the preparation, planning and participation needed for sports and recreational activities, including safety issues. You will be expected to deliver a sports coaching session independently.