A Level English Language

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80% Exam
20% Coursework

Entry Requirements

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About the Course

Course Structure:

Spoken Language of the Media

This component is focused on spoken language and its use across a range of contemporary media, such as television, film, radio and the internet. You will learn a wide variety of levels for analysis and associated terminology, dealing with real-life data from a range of contexts. It is designed to introduce you to the ways in which speakers use language and interact with receivers.

Written Language 

This component is based much more on the study of written language at GCSE; you will explore texts from any written genre, from newspapers to blogs, short stories to flyers. The component encourages learners to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of language in any genre, giving you the opportunity to apply your analytical and creative skills.

Investigating Data 

This component is an exciting new addition to the course; you will collect and be presented with ‘data’ from a variety of sources, from a selection of 10 newspaper headlines to mini-transcripts of voicemail messages. The component is based on the study of a corpus of data, designed to encourage you to use your knowledge of the language levels to explore language in use. There will be a number of mini-texts linked by genre and/or topic, in either spoken, written or mixed modes.

Critical and Creative Writing 

This is another new and exciting addition to your first year of Language study; you will produce one original piece of writing and a commentary in exam conditions. It is designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your creativity and expertise in the use of English in any written genre; you will spend a whole half term practising your creative skills to set criteria.