Ashton Sixth Form College
Catch Up Funding Plan


The college has received funding to support students affected by the loss of learning associated with the period of lockdown forced by the Coronavirus pandemic. The funding must prioritise students without a grade 4 in either / both GCSE English language and GCSE maths. Once these students have been supported, the funding can be used to support students with a grade 5 in GCSE maths and / or English who would benefit from additional support to address concerns and provide intervention classes to improve their chances of qualification success.

How are students identified?

In the first instance, students on the college roll who do not have a grade 4 in either / both GCSE English language and GCSE maths will form the first cohort. This information will be taken from on entry data entry taken at enrolment and will include students from A1, A2 and any A3 cohorts. This process will take place after the results from November GCSE English and maths examinations have been released on 14/01/21.  
Students who has achieved a grade 5 in either / both GCSE English and maths will then become eligible for support through this funding. Heads of Department will be asked to provide lists of those students who would benefit most from academic support.

Support programme design

  • Four academic catch up mentors will be employed on full time, term time only contracts from December 2020. Two of these will have a specialism is English and literacy with two holding specialisms in maths. 
  • Each catch up mentor will deliver 20 periods a week of specialist support with class sizes no larger than 5.
  • Each student identified as part of this cohort will receive one additional support period per week which will be added to their timetable and registered. 
  • Additionally, support mentors will be employed in the new year to provide support for humanities, arts, science, maths, social sciences, business, performing arts, sport, and health and education. One mentor will be attached to each broad faculty area.  
  • Support sessions will be delivered during the February half term, the Easter holiday and May half term. Teachers will be paid to deliver these sessions.
  • External agencies such as the National Tutoring programme may also be accessed to deliver more generic study skills support for identified students.

Success Criteria

  • Pass rates and high grades to be commensurate with previous years for level three, GCSE and level two qualifications.