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Policy Statement

Well-being - children and young people

The College believes that all children and young people have the right to develop to their full potential. After the family, education is by far the most important institution in the lives of young people. Therefore, we take very seriously our role in promoting the health and well-being of our students and, as such, our central concerns will be to provide opportunities and social experiences, to recognize achievements and accomplishments, and treat all students as worthwhile individuals. The ways in which we will do this are outlined in the College’s Every Child Matters Policy.

The College believes that all children have a right to be protected from harm, abuse and neglect. It will deal firmly and fairly with all suspected cases of abuse, adopting a student-centred approach based upon the guidelines set by Tameside Safeguarding Children Board (TSCB).

Well-being for all

While there are specific legal requirements relating to the welfare and protection of children, the College is strongly committed to safeguarding the whole college community – children, young people, adult learners and staff against harm, abuse and bullying/harassment. We will therefore actively promote the well-being of all and ensure that this is central to our planning, decision-making and day-to-day practice. With regard to adult (19-plus) learners, we are aware that some of these may come within the category of ‘vulnerable adults’ (defined later in this policy) and we will take every step to ensure these students are fully supported and carefully monitored in terms of their progress and well-being.

Our Commitments

In order to ensure that we fulfil our Child Protection responsibilities, we will:

  •  Promote the safety and best interests of students at all times.
  •  Ensure that all staff who work at the college, whether paid or unpaid (including those from other agencies such as Connexions and Tameside Sensory Support Services) and all governors have been subject to a CRB check.
  •  Ensure policies and procedures are clear, up to date and available to all college staff as part of the Staff Handbook.
  •  Fully train all new staff in Safeguarding matters and ensure that this training is updated every two years.
  •  Ensure that all students undertaking work placements which put them into contact with children undergo a CRB check.
  • Ensure that all work placements organised by college have been risk assessed for safety and suitability.
  • Ensure that staff dealing with students on a pastoral level (e.g. Senior tutors) receive more extensive training in Child Protection and have the opportunity to achieve an externally awarded qualification.
  • Always have a nominated member of college SLT, a designated member of staff (Child Protection Officer) and a governor taking responsibility for Child Protection.
  • Ensure that all trips and visits comply with safeguarding guidelines (see trips and visits policy).
  • Liaise closely with the Local Authority, LSCB and other external agencies to develop best practice.
  • Maintain thorough Child Protection records, documenting all reported cases, referrals and the response, records of staff and governor training, minutes of any relevant meetings and contact numbers.