The promotion of equality for all members of our community is central to all aspects of our provision at Ashton Sixth Form College. All members of our diverse community can expect to be treated fairly and with respect irrespective of their background. We are committed to working towards the eradication of any disadvantage that may occur from an individual’s background.

Equality and Diversity Objectives

Equality Objective 2012-16


Equality Objective Measure


Maintain low level of equality and diversity incidents reported and encourage further understanding by learners of how to report incidents.

Measured through the number of incidents reported and resolved.

Develop a learner involvement strategy to increase the participation of learners in celebrating equality & diversity.

Measured through the number of events, including displays and online, that learners are involved in organising.

Encourage integration in college of learners from different protected characteristics outside their scheduled lesson time.

Measured trough bi annual survey. Outcomes included in the Equality & Diversity report to Governors.

Monitor retention of learners on level 3 courses and develop appropriate strategies at course level to close any retention gaps between groups from different ethnic backgrounds.

Measured though annual equality & diversity data from subject outcomes. Data analysis included in the Equality & Diversity report to Governors.

Monitor retention and achievement of learners by ward uplift to minimise disadvantage through socio economic background.

Measured though annual equality & diversity data from subject outcomes. In addition, measurement through retention on the college bursary scheme.

Work towards the staff population reflecting the learner population by continued strategies to attract and appoint suitable candidates.

Measured through increased percentages of staff from black minority ethnic backgrounds and with a disability/ learning difficulty.

Develop strategies to encourage staff and learner disclosure of protected characteristics.

Measured by an increased percentage of staff who disclose information (above 43%) and disclosure of further protected characteristics where data is not currently collected.

To download our Equality and Diversity Policy, please click here

Our Core Values

  • A focus on learners
  • A determined and rigorous pursuit of excellence
  • Respect diversity and inclusivity
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Collaborative, constructive teamwork and a sense of community
  • A caring, healthy and safe environment

Valuing diversity and encouraging inclusivity makes all the other Core Values possible. Every Core Value reflects the outstanding approach of acceptance, tolerance and positive inclusion at Ashton Sixth Form College by all members of the college community and our visitors and partners.


The equality and diversity co-ordinator is Roxean Reid. To contact Roxean please email, or contact Roxean by phone 0161 330 2330.