The Corporation of Ashton Sixth Form College

The main responsibilities of the Corporation (the Governors) are for the following functions:

  • the determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission of the institution and the oversight of its activities;
  • to approve the quality strategy of the institution;
  • to ensure that the College remains financially solvent; the efficient and effective use of its assets and resources and meets the requirements of the Instrument and Articles of Government. The Articles of Government describe the responsibilities of the Corporation and its committees;
  • to approve the annual estimates of income and expenditure for the College;
  • to agree the appointment and pay and conditions of service for the Principal and other senior post holders and the Clerk to the Corporation and to oversee any suspensions or dismissals of these post holders;
  • to set the framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff and
  • to monitor its own performance to ensure that the Governing Body operates to the highest standards.

Governors can be compared with the non-executive Directors of a public company but they are not accountable in the way that a Board is accountable to its shareholders. They are however, accountable for public funds and as such the Secretary of State for Education has the powers to intervene in the affairs of the Governing Body in certain circumstances.

Governors have similar legal protection for personal liability as that available to company directors, charitable trustees and school governors.

Corporation membership

The Corporation consists of 20 members. The categories of members designated in a new Instrument and Articles of Government from 1st January 2008 are “governors” (formerly business or independent), “student”, “parent”, “staff” and “the Principal”.

The current membership is as follows:

Corporation Chair: Keith Trelfa

Vice Chair: Stephen Foote

Richard Allanson (Staff)

Colin Challenger

Barrie Cheshire

Nick Condliffe

Elaine Grisdale

Susan Harris

Anton McGrath (Principal)

Kala Mandviwala

Steven Pleasant

Kamlesh Rajput

Hazel Kindley (Staff)

Malcolm Sugden

Gordon Tow

Jade Taylor (student)


Contact with the Corporation is made through the Clerk, Shazia Nazir, who can be contacted through the College.

If you feel that you could support the College in our work and are interested in joining the Corporation please read the full role description and apply here.